Why do you have a cleaner?

Interesting thought that isn’t it, that’s the same question my CBT counsellor asked me today in my latest session and it really hit a nerve and got me thinking!

Why do you have a cleaner? Logical answer would be because I don’t have time to clean and I would rather pay someone to do it, saves me so much hassle. The question put to me this afternoon was do your client’s have a cleaner to kill germs or to simply clean and tidy? See when I clean I clean to kill germs, that’s part of my OCD and the fuel behind my obsessional behaviour with cleaning, especially at home.

So I started to think about how I clean when I clean at a client’s house compared to how I clean at home, it is different? Honest answer, no the principles are the same for me kill the germs, make it clean and tidy , leave the property with the hotel effect (towels neatly folded, cushions plump that sort of thing) Would you ever hear a client say oh I employ you to kill the germs rather than I employ you to clean, surely they are both the same thing? In our NVQ training we learnt about cross contamination and how to clean not just efficiently but also safely, so killing germs wasnt the top priority, not spreading the germs to start with was the key, your never going to be able to kill all germs and some germs as we know are good for us!

So basically all our clients live in the safe knowledge that not only do we clean, we are fully fledged germ killers too!

germ joke



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We are an award winning locally run domestic cleaning company based in Havant, Hampshire and we cover Havant and the surrounding areas. Remember the Dust Dolly motto: "Tidy house, Tidy mind!"

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